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4 Significant Life Lessons from the Remarkable Ravi Zacharias

It’s never easy when people you admire pass on. However, the responsibility is to learn from their lives, recognizing that though their work is finished...ours isn’t. The world is truly searching for answers. Let’s be prepared to give them with compassion, respect, and humility. After all, that’s exactly how Ravi would do it.

8 Effective Ways to Deal with Stress Eating

Stress Eating, also called emotional eating, is a common problem for those who struggle with their weight, but overindulging regularly can harm physical and mental health. It doesn’t fix emotional problems. It actually makes a person feel worse with guilt for overeating.

5 Examples of Shadow Racism

When it comes to a theology of race, there are four headlines: 1) We were all made by God; 2) We were all made in the image of God; 3) We were all made with distinction and variety—including the color of our skin; and 4) We are called into a relationship with God the Father by the Holy Spirit through Jesus the Son. This is why the Bible makes the following declaration: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28, NIV).

5 Biblical Reasons to Be Kind to Those with Differing Views

How can we grow as Christ-followers without extending kindness? How can we learn without being willing to listen first? Creating safe spaces for diversity takes effort, self-control, empathy, and mostly a heart of love for all humanity. Here are five biblical truths to help you grow the skill of showing kindness.

Why Do We Call on God as ‘Jehovah Rapha’ for Healing?

Many different names for God in Scripture help us to grasp an aspect of his character. Jehovah Shammah reminds us that in the midst of trials, God is with us. El Olam shows us God’s eternal nature. So, in times of sickness and poor health, do we have a name for God that encapsulates God’s healing power?


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