Newbury Park First Christian Church

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VISION We accomplish our mission by organizing all our services, events, and activities around these three values. We believe a healthy balance of these elements will foster an abundant life of faith for you and all those around you. ENCOUNTER GOD We believe that the God who created the universe is not distant but knowable. Even more, we believe God is personal and He wants to engage you in an active, ongoing relationship. It's our desire as a church to help you become more attuned to His presence and His voice on a daily basis and to help guide you to follow His leading. Though God is trying to speak to us at all times, the noise of the world has made it difficult to hear Him. So we make it our mission to facilitate an environment every Sunday where we actively seek out and soak in the presence of God through song and the Word. And when we genuinely encounter God, our natural response is to live lives that glorify Him. This is what we call, "worship." BUILD COMMUNITY We have been created for a deep relationship with God and with others. It's essential to our faith journeys to be connected with others along the same road, no matter their mileage. We all need the support of others to carry us through life's ups and downs. Since this is a place we can call "home," we see ourselves as family, and as a family, we're in this together. We believe that everyone has something to give and something to receive, and as we do both together, we build community! EXTEND COMPASSION It's not enough to love only those who love us in return, we must strive to extend God's compassion beyond our immediate church family. There's a reason why Jesus said our faith lives boil down to two simple principles--love God and love others. If we've truly encountered God's love and grace in our lives we'll be compelled to share that same love and grace to others. Whether caring for a neighbor or building an orphanage in another country, our mission goes beyond our four walls. And the beautiful mystery of faith is, by loving the least of these, we ourselves encounter God afresh!


Newbury Park First Christian Church
801 KNOLLWOOD DR. 91320
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