Discover the Evidence with Josh McDowell

Award-winning author and international speaker, Josh McDowell and Ventura Jubilee Fellowship invites you to 'Discover the Evidence' of an ancient and authentic copy of The Torah. Josh has written or co-authored more than 150 books, some in over 100 languages. He has spoken to approximately 35 million people in 140 countries … and he's coming to VENTURA! Come see this 72' scroll which will provide you the unique opportunity to satisfy your mind and soul about the reliability of the Bible. The facts will unfold before you eyes. Discover the Evidence and watch your doubts fade as the rock solid facts unfold. YOU MUST REGISTER AT: VENTURAJUBILEESHIP.ORG for this free event.


Ventura Jubilee Fellowship
2226 Goodyear Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003
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