Josh McDowell preents "Relationships that Transform"

Award-winning author and international speaker, Josh McDowell and Ventura Jubilee Fellowship, invites you to "Relationships that Transform. Josh unveils the need for parents and grandparents to develop authentic relationships with their children and grandchildren. Citing current research on family, biblical wisdom and real-life examples, Josh unveils the need for this relationship and demonstrates the importance of showing unfailing love and truth to them. Come hear about the "7As: Seven Principles for Building Loving Relationships. Relationships form the very foundation on which we pass on our faith to the next generation Josh shares 7 practical principles essential for developing healthy and long-lasting relationships with your children. YOU MUST REGISTER TO ATTEND this free event. Go to:


Ventura Jubilee Fellowship
2226 Goodyear Avenue
Ventura, CA 93003
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