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New Life Live! with Steve Arterburn

New Life Live! with Steve Arterburn

About New Life Live!

America’s #1 Christian Counseling Call-In Radio Program. Since 1985 New Life Live! has been broadcast as a nationally-syndicated, interactive talk radio program which deals with mental health, emotional, relational and spiritual issues from a biblical perspective.

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New Live Life: December 6, 2021
Hosts: Larry Sonnenburg, Dr. Alice Benton, Milan Yerkovich Caller Questions: - How can I help my 14yo granddaughter who told me her 30yo brother sexually abused her? - I’m a traveling salesman who has fallen into drinking and porn; is there a connection between this and my mom’s emotional abuse? - My granddaughter is in college and says she is a lesbian; at Christmas do I take her out and give her advice? - I was divorced in May and just found out my ex got married in July. What do I say to my teen sons who kept it a secret?

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