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2:00PM - 3:00PM

New Life Live! with Steve Arterburn

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Hosts: Steve Arterburn, Dr. Alice Benton, Marc Cameron Caller Questions: - Our 22yo son lives at home, has experimented with LSD, and smokes pot. How do we get him to be an independent adult? - How can I recover from porn addiction if I’ve been addicted since my teens? - Why am I having a hard time . . .
3:00PM - 3:04PM

The Gold Standard with Ken Russo Jr.


The United States and the world’s central banks are printing money at historical levels thereby devaluing paper currencies. Meanwhile, we are creating the biggest debt bubble in history. We discuss how ownership of physical gold and precious metals . . .
3:04PM - 4:00PM

The Christian Outlook with Don Kroah

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“The Christian Outlook” draws from the best of Salem's Christian Hosts to bring you an hour-long program you won’t want to miss on today's topics of interest to Christians.
4:00PM - 5:00PM

Townhall Review With Hugh Hewitt


The Townhall Review is a one-stop shop for relevant news and intelligent analysis from the leading talk show hosts in the nation: Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder, Mike Gallagher, Sebastian Gorka and Charlie Kirk.
5:00PM - 5:15PM

Freedom's Ring with Alan J. Reinach

Alan J. Reinach, a Seventh-day Adventist minister who speaks regularly on religious freedom topics, and is the host of a nationally syndicated weekly radio broadcast, Freedom’s Ring, devoted to religious liberty issues.
5:15PM - 6:00PM

Thru the Bible - Sunday Sermon with Dr. J. Vernon McGee


What would you do if an army, ready to destroy you, surrounded your city and sent you a letter demanding that you surrender or die? King Hezekiah’s response is one we should all follow when the troubles of life press us, even to the edge of death itself.


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